cinnamonbite started following you

Did you really unfollowed me for the sake of getting noticed by me, you dumb shibe.


blame wolfie she started it with this
…plus i need more shirtless alpha!dave in my life

People don’t know me and probably will never know who I am.

I think something happened and my brother is back to a baby state. 10 years old. I’m gonna give it a go, I don’t know how old is he.


dønt tell anyøne anything

they dønt actually care

they are lying when they say they feel cløse tø yøu

it is sø easy tø ruin everything and experience pain

dønt risk it


Ooooooooh, okay. So now you’re just a crotchety old man without a sense of humor. Living the golden life, I’m sure.

That’s a dum8 rule. Eat a lot ad never regret it. Sleep all day and wear nothing 8ut underwear. Hey now, get your game on, go play. Hey now, get your game on, get on out there, get laaaaaaaid!

Old is a concept I quite can’t understand.

I’d ruin my image, that’s unfortunate.


I think you’re taking what I say way too seriously. 8ut alright, su8ject dropped.

You do realize that that’s the most ridiculous thing ever. Pizza is made to 8e enjoyed in a less classy way. That’s like eating chicken nuggets with a fork and knife

During my years as I kid, I had to drop the ironic attitude. That’s mostly why I sometimes refuse to sense sarcasm when it’s in the air.

Hey, hey. Tastes are tastes. I usually don’t eat at all, so I prefer to spoil myself with fine treats.


They tend to be strong. I'm talking about my version of her, but I guess you could figure that. Sorry about the dead bit, by the way. I'm just tired of having people ask 'bout it.

Not much is up. I'm just working on circuitry, easy shit.

"My" Roxy (as absurd it sounds calling her like that) knows I’m joking and if she didn’t want to stay on the floor she would’ve probably punched me in the face like he did with my brother at some point.
It’s okay. I always try to avoid the whole topic when talking to alternated of my brother.

Maybe easy for you, but it’s egyptian for me. I know egyptian, but it’s quite complicated and I don’t really know what to do. I have to discharge all of the robotic/hardware work on Roxy.


Wouldn't be here without it. You may be surprised how many Dirks around here actually lack any superiority traits, it's astounding. But it could just be surprising me because the one who built me had been a smug little shit.

Your brother doesn't have a blog or what?

My little brother used to have quite the attitude while talking to both me and Roxy. When I had her over it was a costant battle of nasty comments, but they were great friends until she eventually snapped a few months ago. Maybe one month ago.

No, my brother has gone missing.

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